30 December 2008

My name is Maya Evi Kurnialita, I am is one of student in class C S1 Students of Pre-Service Teacher Training Program of Secondary Mathematics Education in State University of Yogyakarta. Psychology of mathematic education is one of many kinds of lesson who I am studying in the state University of Yogyakarta. The lecture of this lesson is Mr. Marsigit. He gave me the task for the last semester.
I and my friends must be made the mathematic question for the Junior High School Student. The student must be done the question and I must be observed the student especially the psychology of them. And then the result from observed must be report with the short story. I have got the problems when I done the task. The problems are to find the Junior High School student. It is very difficult for me because around my house in Yogyakarta is not availabel Junior High School student. I am very confused for a week.
One time I meet my friend who have younger sister, her name is Ayu. She is a Junior High School student. Finally I give the question to Ayu, but I done because my friends give the question to Ayu.
So I have one planning, I want to go to my home in Ciamis, West Java because around my home are availabel the Junior High School studet. To arrive in my home, I ask to my neighbour, who did the child of Junior High School student? My neighbour also answers and mentions some names, but I’m choice fall at child which so called Diah. On the day I’m not straight gives problem to Diah because I am there is event of family, and problem also has not I create have time to. Finally after event of family completed, I also soon makes the problem.
I take problem about geometry that is about pyramid. Why I take this matter? Because I see that matter of Junior High School student class 3 for semester 1 there are studies about geometry. And this thing very compatible for Diah. According to me also the problem which is made not too difficult because only calculates surface area but beforehand must be searched the surface side height is formerly. Besides she is student class 3,she also has just been completed test semeste, became I am sure Diah taste can did the problem of which I to give.
After problem completed I am create, I’m to go Diah home to give the problem so that can be done by him. Have time to before all I explain intention of my arrival and request permit to the old fellow, after all agreing precise at 07.10 pm having place of house Diah, the problem I give and Diah also ready for doing it.

The problem of which I give like under this:
1. A vertical pyramid is in the form of
rectangle with base side 10 cm and height 12 cm.
Determines the pyramid wide!

After the problem received by Diah she is direct reads it is carefully. Initially she spelled out members can but simply she also asks explained beforehand about the problem of which I give. After I explain and Diah also understands, hence she is straight does the problem of its.
When she does the problem of me, I’m to pay attention him. She is simply the child is including bright child, because she can do the problem of that at fluently and correctness. But there are one insuffiencies from him, at the time I explain to him she look impressing she haves cold feet and the breath seen breathes faster. Possibly she haves cold feet because come near by me or possible of she has feeling of fear cannot do the problem. But the estimation losed after I to see if simply she can did the problem carefully and correctness.
The Answer from diah:
AB = BC = CD = AD = 10 cm
EF = ½ AB = 5 cm
Height = TE = 12 cm
Triangle TEF = segitiga siku-siku

to look for erect side wide we are searching formerly length TF which was contour line length one of pyramid side triangle.
TF2 = TE2 + EF2 = 122 + 52
= 144 + 25
= 169
TF = = 13 cm

Wide of triangle BCT = ½ BC TF
= ½ 10 13
= 65 cm2
Wide of all vertical side is: 4 65cm = 260 cm2
Pyramid base wide is: 10 cm 10 cm = 100 cm2
So wide of all pyramid is: 260 cm2 + 100 cm2 = 360 cm2

Finally I can take conclusion that every child or students in mathematics learning surely had each habit and different reaction also when given a problem and this thing also influential also at result obtained by every student.

17 December 2008

Mathematics had separate meaning if in the light of psychology approach. Because in psychology also is studied how psychology in self mathematics. In learning mathematics it is of course there is child meeting difficulty in studying, this thing because of ability every student is different. There is some thing which could probably be done by the teachers the instructor is so that the students can conveniently studies mathematics without existence of constraint from other party.
Like the one told by (Ebbut and Straker, 1995) that student thinks much of mathematics hence teacher is not properly applies definition of mathematics acsiomatics, but defining mathematics as school mathematics.
Intention from expression to according to me that is teacher as instructor is not only teaches mathematics based on just theory but she also able to teach mathematics by the way of the other for example just with the school mathematics essence, between it is:
1. Mathematics is activity of pattern scanning and rapport.
This thing means student is given freedom and opportunity to do invention activity and attempt, they study finally student can conclude. So that student can easily comprehend an understanding between that one with other.
2. Mathematics is creativity required imagination, intuition and invention.
Way of thinking every student is different as to each ability according. In mathematics every student is claimed to be able to lay open the opinion causing the eagerness to know in every student can be replied. But not only that, mathematics also obliges we so that can esteem invention of either invention of other student or invention is outside by estimate as something worthwhile.
3. Mathematics is activity of problem solving
Mathematics is activity of problem solving, this thing is correct because in mathematics most of we make problem and finalizes the problem. For the purpose student is expected can break or does the problem of mathematics by the way of themselves. Besides for student which has not can do the problem is expected area around that is teacher as the instructor and friends is other child helping each other able to which can’t. Especially teacher as a educator. To be able to think out the also student is pushed think to be able to logically, consistency, and systematic and has ability and skill to think out the.
4. Mathematics as a means of communication
Besides essence three essences to essential mathematics as a means of communicates. Communications here is communications which can push student to recognize mathematics trait and makes the example problems. Example of other communications is in doing mathematics problem. Student can communicate with other student and also with teacher to discuss about problem which they face.
With essences mentioned upper expected teacher can teach mathematics intelligibly so that student can be easier to think much of mathematics without feeling difficulty.
Matematika mempunyai arti tersendiri jika dipandang dari sudut pandang psikologi. Karena dalam psikologi juga dipelajari bagaimana psikologi dalam matematika itu sendiri. Dalam belajar matematika tentunya ada anak yang menemui kesulitan dalam mempelajarinya, hal ini dikarenakan kemampuan setiap siswa yang berbeda-beda. Ada beberapa hal yang mungkin bisa dilakukan oleh para guru sebagai pengajarnya supaya siswa tersebut bisa dengan senang hati mempelajari matematika tanpa adanya paksaan dari pihak lain.
Seperti yang dikatakan oleh (Ebbut and Straker, 1995) agar siswa menyenangi matematika maka guru tidak seyogyanya menggunakan definisi matematika aksiomatis, melainkan mendefinisikan matematika sebagai matematika sekolah.
Maksud dari ungkapan diatas menurut saya yaitu guru sebagai pengajar tidak hanya mengajarkan matematika berdasarkan teori saja tapi dia juga bisa mengajarkan matematika dengan cara yang lainnya misalnya saja dengan hakekat matematika sekolah yang ada, diantaranya yaitu:
1.Matematika merupakan kegiatan penelusuran pola dan hubungan.
Hal ini berarti siswa diberi kebebasan dan kesempatan untuk melakukan kegiatan penemuan dan percobaan dengan apa yang mereka pelajari yang akhirnya siswa dapat menarik kesimpulan sendiri sehingga siswa bisa dengan mudah memahami suatu pengertian antara yang satu dengan yang lainnya.
2.Matematika adalah kreativitas yang memerlukan imajinasi, intuisi dan penemuan.
Cara bepikir dari setiap siswa itu pasti berbeda-beda sesuai dengan kemampuannya mereka itu sendiri. Dalam matematika setiap siswa dituntut untuk dapat mengungkapkan pendapatnya sehingga rasa ingin tahu yang ada dalam setiap diri siswa bisa terjawab. Namun tidak hanya itu, matematika juga mengharuskan kita supaya dapat menghargai penemuan baik penemuan siswa lain atau penemuan diluar perkiraan sebagai sesuatu yang bermanfaat.
3.Matematika adalah kegiatan problem solving
Matematika merupakan kegiatan problem solving, hal ini benar karena dalam matematika sebagian besar kita membuat persoalan dan menyelesaikan persoalan tersebut. Untuk itu siswa diharapkan bisa memecahkan atau mengerjakan soal-soal matematika dengan cara mereka sendiri. Selain itu bagi siswa yang belum bisa mengerjakan persoalan yang ada diharapkan lingkungan sekitar yaitu guru sebagai pengajar dan teman-temannya yang lain bisa saling membantu anak yang belum bisa. Khususnya guru sebagai pendidik. Untuk dapat memecahkan persoalan tersebut juga siswa didorong untuk dapat berfikir secara logis, konsisten, dan sistematis serta mempunyai kemampuan dan keterampilan untuk memecahkan persoalan yang ada.
4.Matematika sebagai alat berkomunikasi
Selain hakekat tiga hakekat diatas matematika mempunyai hakekat sebagai alat berkomunikasi. Komunikasi disini dalam arti kata komunikasi yang dapat mendorong siswa untuk mengenal sifat matematika dan membuat contohnya.
Contoh komunikasi lainnya yaitu dalam mengerjakan persoalan matematika. Siswa bisa berkomunikasi dengan siswa lainnya maupun dengan guru untuk berdiskusi mengenai persoalan yang mereka hadapi.
Dengan hakekat-hakekat yang disebutkan diatas diharapkan guru bisa mengajarkan matematika dengan mudah dimengerti sehingga siswa bisa lebih mudah untuk menyenangi matematika tanpa merasa kesulitan.

03 December 2008

My Experience Learning Mathematics

Since I was in elementary school until in university, I have experience in learning process of mathematics. When I was in elementary school, I very like Mathematics lesson. When my final exam, I had a good score for the Mathematics lesson. I very proud with the result which I get. But When Junior High School, Mathematics matter more complex to taught. I also feel that way. How much more added by statement telling that Mathematics is difficult. We know that Mathematics claim many analysis and calculation. Many students which tend to chosen memorizing than calculating. For that, need the existence to learning Mathematics kindly.

While I was first graduated in Senior High School, I can't learn mathematics because the matter more complex again, which teacher teach can't make me understand about the subject. Therefor, I had a bad value in every exam. I had try to learn alone but I couldn't. I know about the subject which teacher teaching is while I was secondary graduated in Senior High School. Besides the teacher moved, the teacher could information the subject so I could learn mathematics. Teacher is one of factor that can make me to understand what are teachers teach. If the teacher can't inform the subject with interest, it can make me not study carefully in mathematics, but If the teacher can inform subject with interest, maybe it can make me to study carefully in mathematics.

And in home my aunt like mathematics. So I have support from my aunt for to study mathematics n for like it. Finally I had a good value in every exam. So after I study and learn mathematics is not too hard likes as we thinking, not only could do more tasks, but to learn mathematics there are problem and we will solve the problem.

We often hear the statement that Mathematics is difficult. How much more if dislike the mathematics lesson. Me, who have felt become a student also have that opinion. But I am conscious that Mathematics is science which need understanding and diligently.